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Daiwa Gastro Health 60 caps FREE SAMPLE


Setting a new standard for gut health. Gastro Health is a rare formulation in the world with strain-specific antibodies against 26 common human-relevant pathogens. You can't achieve optimal gut health without passive immunity. Regulate your immune system with Daiwa Gastro Health's IgY Max.

What Exactly Is This Product?
Made from hyperimmune egg powder, Daiwa Gastro Health's IgY Max promotes optimal gut health. It also strengthens the body to fight off all sorts of diseases and illnesses lurking around the corner. This groundbreaking product is the miracle in a bottle, providing excellent passive immunity. It also supports inflammatory response, promotes flora balance, and helps promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria for ultimate digestive health.

Daiwa Gastro Health will help:
- you recover from the stomach flu faster than ever before.
- support your digestion,
- protect your body's natural defenses.
- protect against non-beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Who is it for?
It's for anyone who suffers from gut problems such as bloating. The probiotics in this product are designed for people of all ages to promote good bacteria in the gut. Plus, this product includes strains that support a balanced immune system and help protect against harmful bacteria that can affect digestive health.

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